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09/09/2019  Pre-Close Trading Update
26/07/2019  Interim Dividend Payment
29/04/2019  2019 Interim Results Announcement
30/01/2019  FY18 Final Dividend Payment
04/01/2019  Record Date For FY18 Final Dividend
14/12/2018  2018 Annual General Meeting
06/11/2018  Preliminary Results Announcement
27/07/2018  Interim Dividend Payment
06/07/2018  Record Date for Interim Dividend
30/04/2018  2018 Interim Results Announcement
30/01/2018  Final Dividend Payment
05/01/2018  Record Date for Final Dividend
15/12/2017  Annual General Meeting
07/11/2017  Preliminary Results Announcement
28/07/2017  Interim Dividend Payment
07/07/2017  Record Date For Interim Dividend
28/04/2017  2017 Interim Results Announcement



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