Number of shares in issue: 89,312,457.
List of major shareholders and % of the Company’s issued share capital as of 25/03/2022:

Any notification of changes to major shareholdings received by the Company under DTR 5 since the date of this schedule are also set out below.

Number of
Ordinary Shares
% of the Issued
Share Capital
Simon Showman18,530,60020.75 %
Schroders13,582,54815.21 %
Andrew Gossage8,052,4009.02 %
Barry Franks7,270,4008.14 %
Ennismore Fund Management7,757,7628.69 %
UP Global Sourcing Employee Benefit Trust3,745,8144.19 %
Slater Investments3,646,7564.08%

DTR 5 Notifications received since 25/03/2022:
On 13/05/2022 Ennismore Fund Management notified an increase in their holding to 8,159,531 shares (9.13%)

On 5/05/2022 the UP Global Sourcing Employee Benefit Trust notified a reduction in their holding to 3,025,851 (3.39%), subsequently noting on 09/06/2022 the shareholding being 2,959,780 (3.31%).

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