Established in 1997, we have evolved from a local business into a global success. We develop new, innovative concepts and bring professional, sought-after products to the mass market. Our offices span two continents, with headquarters in the UK, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Belgium and Germany.

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Our designs are

Our in-house Design department are a crucial cog in the Ultimate Products machine. As an international brand house, each of our brands is nurtured and brought to life by our talented designers, supporting some of the leading retailers in the world. From hand-painting bespoke patterns to creating eye-catching packaging, our passion for products is reflected in our studios and on the shelves.

We work in partnership with global retailers.

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We have built strong working relationships with 300 retailers in 38 countries, manufacturing and distributing exciting products for our valued retail partners. There is something for everybody within our products ranges, including good, better, best, branded, licensed and own label.

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